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The PrintWeek Awards was launched in 2009. Our aim: to celebrate the best in Indian packaging and print.

After a two-year pause, the Indian print industry’s flagship scheme, PrintWeek Awards, had once again gone live. The entries to the 12th edition of PrintWeek Awards 2022 were officially open from 1 May 2022.

The 2022 Awards saw 1000+ samples in 362 entries from 112 companies across the country. There were 44 worthy winners, which were judged by print buyers and specialists. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the PrintWeek Awards 2022 were bigger and better than before.

We've compiled a few basic hints and tips to ensure that you can secure glory at the PrintWeek Awards 2023.

For starters, you need to enter. As they say, you have got to be in it to win it. Choose the correct category and submit best examples of four print jobs, which you have produced.

Less is best. Remember, on judgment day, the jury scrutinises hundreds of entries. Don't over-burden them with needless information.

Context is everything. The judges are experts in their field, but they may not have knowledge of the particular print project for which the job has been entered. Inform them. Do not ignore the rules. For instance, when we ask for a full set of technical specifications, please do send them to us. This enables our jury to make a sound judgment on the performance of your print job. If you don't provide enough information, you won't make it to the shortlist.

Remember, you are being judged for FOUR print jobs. This means you are not being judged for one single piece of print. So, don't send us four samples of the same job. Remember: you have to impress the jury with a variety of print skills.

Finally, remember who is judging. It's your customers.

We have put the judging in the hands of an independent panel of experts, a line-up of big-name print buyers for our Quality Awards. This is your chance to sell to them. In fact,in the last couple of years, our jury members fixed appointments with key printers a day after judgment day. Now, select the best work of print off your shop floor and send it to us.

Good luck.
Ramu Ramanathan
Editor, PrintWeek/WhatPackaging?


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