Welcome to the PrintWeek India Awards 2013

The PrintWeek India Awards was launched in 2009. Our aim was simple: to celebrate the best in Indian print. The first set of PrintWeek India Awards aspired to be the highest accolade in Indian print. And we achieved that.

The 2012 Awards saw 116 companies. 334 entries. There were 24 worthy winners which were judged by print buyers and specialists.

Rather than piling the jury members with all the work, print firms were selective. They showcased the best and most relevant print jobs. I expect PrintWeek India Awards for 2013 to be bigger and better than those from 2009 till 2012.

I've compiled a few basic hints and tips to ensure that you can secure glory at the PrintWeek India Awards 2013.

  • For starts, you need to enter. As they say, you have got to be in it, to win it.
  • Choose the correct category. And submit best examples of four print jobs, which you have produced.
  • Less is best. Remember, on judgment day, the jury scrutinises hundreds of entries. Don't over-burden them with needless information.
  • Context is everything. The judges are experts in their field but they may not have knowledge of the particular print project for which the job has been entered. Inform them.
  • Do not ignore the rules. For instance, when we ask for a full set of technical specifications, do please send them to us. This enables our jury to make a sound judgment on the performance of your print job. If we don't provide enough information, you won't make it to the shortlist.
  • Remember you are being judged for FOUR print jobs, not just one single piece of print. So don't send us four samples of the same job. Remember: you have to impress the jury with a variety of print skills.
  • Finally, remember who's judging! Your customers. We are assembling a line-up of big-name print buyers for our Quality Awards. This is your chance to sell to them. In fact in 2011 and 2012, our jury members fixed appointments with key printers a day after judgment day.

Now, sit back with confidence and wait for the shortlist in the September issue of PrintWeek India. And start thinking about the Award night in Mumbai.

Good luck!

Ramu Ramanathan
Group Editor, Haymarket Media (India) Pvt Ltd

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